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Return to your organization equipped with an analytical toolbox of skills that will help you solve challenges and boost ROI across different function areas while advancing safety. Transition from business as usual.

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June 29, 7:45am - 9:00am

708 *Canceled* Safety Beyond PPE I Human Behavior
705 A Sports Medicine Approach to Ergonomics I Ergonomics
715 Assessing the Risk, Protecting the Brand I Risk Management / Insurance
707 Beyond the OSHA Log: Safety Management Systems for Health Care E Healthcare / Wellness
712 Employment Law Faux Pas and Pitfalls the Safety Professional Must Avoid I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
721 Evolution of Protective and Enhanced Visibility Apparel B Technical / Engineering / Standards
704 Fine Focus on Chemical Hygiene in Your HAZCOM Program B Environment / Hazardous Material
706 Flammable and Combustible Liquid Safety - Is Everyone's Responsibility I Fire Protection
723 Fundamentals of SH&E: Basic Construction B Fundamentals
710 Global Best Practice in Safety - A Benchmarking Study E International
702 High Impact Mentoring for Performance I Business Skills & Personal Development
718 How to Systematically Build and Strengthen Your Safety Culture I Executive, Safety Management
716 JSA vs. Pre-Task Safety Planning: What's the Difference and the Value of Each? B Safety Management
725 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: Health and Safety Best Practices in the Utilities Industry Key Issue Roundtables
724 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: What Does a Bow Tie Have to Do With Risk Assessment? Key Issue Roundtables
709 Mobile Hearing Screening: A Viable Option? E Industrial Hygiene / Health
711 MyHSSE - The Smarter Reporting Solutions to Enhance HSSE Performance in KOC E International, Oil & Gas
719 New Solutions to Equipment & Facilities Installations' Safety Risks Using Integrated Hazard Analysis A Technical / Engineering / Standards
713 OSHA's Confined Spaces in Construction 2015 Standard I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
701 Partner-Centered Safety: A New Leadership Approach for Safety Excellence E Business Skills & Personal Development
720 Process Safety Management Best Practice Line Break Program I Technical / Engineering / Standards
714 Serious Injury & Fatality Prevention and Operational Risk Management I Risk Assessment, Executive
703 UAV Safety Issues and Safety Applications for the Construction Industry I Construction / Mining
717 Waking-Up to Fatigue Risks in the Workplace E Safety Management
722 Wild, Wacky & Highly Effective Training - Improve Your Safety Training Today! I Training / Education

June 28, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

665 3 A's of Ninja Awesomeness: Ninja-Style Back Safety & Injury Prevention I Ergonomics
674 Current Research - Safety & Health Management System Performance Measurement I Safety Management
660 From Safety Leader to Business Partner 2016 A Business Skills & Personal Development
676 Getting it Right: Contractor EHS Management in a Complex World I Safety Management
669 How a Major Oil & Gas Operator Connected the Impact of PSM to Daily Operations A Oil & Gas
677 Improving Integrated Health & Safety Management with Research and Best Practice I Safety Management
684 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: Changing the Career Landscape For Our Future OSH Professionals Key Issue Roundtables
683 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: Environmental Releases - Sharing Experiences on How to Manage the Incident Key Issue Roundtables
680 Lights Camera Action!!! - Making Your Own Safety Movies I Training / Education
682 Managing For-Hire Transportation Risk E Transportation
667 Occupational Health Hazards - Are You at Risk? B Industrial Hygiene / Health
671 OSHA - Saving Lives One Case at a Time Part 2 B, I, A, E Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
670 OSHA's Enforcement of the General Duty Clause: An Investigation into Citations I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
681 PPE for Leaders: Leadership Development for Front Line Supervisors I Training / Education
672 Risk Quantification: How to Engage the C-Suite in the Value of Safety A Risk Assessment
666 Staying Healthy When Life is Fast B Healthcare / Wellness
673 Strategies for Preventing Fatal and Life Changing Injury Events I Risk Management / Insurance
664 The 17 Mistakes In Emergency Plans & How to Correct Them I Emergency Management / Security
663 The Buried Truth Uncovered I Construction / Mining
679 The Impact of Struck-by Falling Objects and Best Practice to Prevent Incident A Technical / Engineering / Standards
661 The Role of Leadership Acts in Preventing Material Unwanted Events E Business Skills & Personal Development
662 Utilizing SharePoint to Improve Recordkeeping on a Multi-Contractor Worksite I Construction / Mining
678 Wheels Really Do Matter to Industrial Workplace Safety I Technical / Engineering / Standards
668 Working Together to Tackle Psychosocial Risks - A Challenge for the OSH Profession I International

June 27, 10:45am - 11:45am

501 7 Insights into Safety Leadership E Business Skills & Personal Development, Executive
524 Audit Your Fleet Safety Process to Drive Excellence I Transportation
516 Disney's Journey of Using 5S to Enhance Culture I Executive, Safety Management
504 Effectively Managing a Crisis and the First Steps to Take When a Crisis Strikes I Emergency Management / Security
521 Fall Prevention: When the Tool Undermines the Training I Technical / Engineering / Standards
525 Fundamentals of SH&E: Hazard Identification and Control Fundamentals
512 GHS: OSHA's Final Deadline - Last Call for Employer Compliance I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
510 Global Briefing 2016 A International
514 Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment Meet at the Crossroads for a Safe Outcome I Risk Management / Insurance, Risk Assessment
520 How to Implement ISO 45001 in Your Organization A Technical / Engineering / Standards, Safety Management
519 It Ain't Easy Being Green! "Green" Jobs and Sustainable Products Best Practices I Sustainability
526 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: Workplace Examinations: MSHA Requirements & Best Practices Key Issue Roundtables
502 Life Cycle of a Safety Career - A Modern Path I Business Skills & Personal Development
503 Mishap Prevention: Protecting the Workforce on Critical Federal Facilities E Construction / Mining
522 NFPA 652 - The New Standard for Combustible Dust I Technical / Engineering / Standards
513 OSHA Process Safety Management - Understanding Requirements and Preparing for an Inspection I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
509 Power Trip: A Look at Occupational Health Issues in the Power Generation Industry A Industrial Hygiene / Health
511 Reducing Worker Exposure to Hydrocarbon Vapors in the Onshore O&G Industry I Oil & Gas
523 S-T-R-E-T-C-H Your Training Dollars and R-E-A-C-H Remote Employees Worldwide I Training / Education
518 Safety Excellence: The Big 5 at L'Oreal I Safety Management
515 Safety for Advanced Manufacturing and Materials - New Challenges for the Safety Professional I Risk Management / Insurance
508 Safety's "Missing Link" - The Human Element B Human Behavior
505 Sit - Stand Workstations: Pros and Cons B Ergonomics
507 Sleep Deprivation & Health Risk Management - High Risk Environments/Transportation B Healthcare / Wellness
517 The Relationship Between Legal and Safety I Safety Management
506 The Role of the International Fire Code in Promoting Safety A Fire Protection

June 29, 11:00am - 12:00pm

748 A Culture of Fear - When the RIGHT is Actually Perceived as the WRONG I Safety Management
737 A Framework for a Heat Stress Prevention Program Based on National Guidelines B Industrial Hygiene / Health
736 Behavior-Based Safety: When it Works and When it Doesn't Work I Human Behavior
752 Combining Behavioral Safety Theory and Telematics I Transportation
731 Construction Safety Forum I Construction / Mining
735 Contagion Conundrum - How the Ebola Outbreak Led to Improved Worker Protection A Healthcare / Wellness
747 Creating a Serious Incident-Fatality Observation Process by Using Big Data I Safety Management
740 Effective Safety Management by Upstream Oil Industry in Pakistan A Oil & Gas
750 Electrical Safety When Working Near Overhead Power Lines I Technical / Engineering / Standards
746 Exploring Safety Exposures When Working Outdoors B Safety Management, Executive
744 How ISO 45001 Will Drive Business Excellence A Executive, Risk Management / Insurance
739 International Practices of SH&E Metrics & Its Alignment with Business Functions A International
753 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: Sharing Your Emergency Management Best Practices Key Issue Roundtables
754 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: Sharing Your Strategies and Techniques to Integrate Safety Into Business Operations Key Issue Roundtables
743 Occupational Dog Bite Prevention I Risk Management / Insurance
741 OSHA's Hazard Communication 2012 Standard and Compliance Directive - The Final Steps I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
742 Safety Saves! Integrating ANSI Z10 Risk Assessment into Lean Management Systems I Risk Assessment
751 Safety... Common Sense? I Don't Think So! I Training / Education
745 Serious Incident PreventionTM: Sustaining Incident-free Operations I Safety Management
749 Slips, Trips and Falls: Is Your Prevention Program Multifactorial I Technical / Engineering / Standards
730 The Wife Left Behind: The Making of a Safety Professional I Business Skills & Personal Development
734 Understanding Fatigue and the Implications for Worker Safety I Ergonomics
732 Understanding Trenching Protective Systems B Construction / Mining
733 Violence at Work - Shooting Your Mouth Off... or Other Things? I Emergency Management / Security

June 27, 3:15pm - 4:15pm

566 A Federal OSHA Safe Patient Handling & Mobility Inspection & Citation I Healthcare / Wellness
575 A Healthy Workforce: How Workers' Comp and Wellness Programs Go Together B Risk Management / Insurance
564 Auditing for Compliance with Fire Code Hazardous Materials Requirements B Environment / Hazardous Material
571 Confined Spaces in Construction: The Big Picture B Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
565 Evolving the Way We Work with Today's Technologies B Ergonomics
562 Examining a Decade of NORA for the Construction Sector - Success or Failure? E Construction / Mining
560 Facilitating Leadership Through INFLUENCE I Business Skills & Personal Development
563 High-Reliability Safety During Emergency Operations A Emergency Management / Security
578 How to Maintain Productive and Safe Operations Amid a Changing Workforce E Safety Management
577 Identifying Cultural Hazards: Four Clues Your Organization is Out of Balance I Safety Management
567 Improving Safety, Quality and Performance Using Critical Error Reduction Techniques I Human Behavior
568 Industrial Hygiene Sampling Plans - Practices and Pitfalls B Industrial Hygiene / Health
583 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: Consultants' Skills and Marketing - What Have I Got and How Do I Let Others Know? Key Issue Roundtables
584 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: Managing OSH Risk and Business Polarities When There are Competing Priorities Key Issue Roundtables
580 Making the Fall Protection System Fit the Workplace B Technical / Engineering / Standards
569 Measuring Health and Safety Performance Globally: ASTM Standard E2920 - 14 A International
574 Preventing Opioid Overuse in Workers' Compensation A Risk Management / Insurance
561 Protecting Your Company's Bottom Line Through Safety B Business Skills & Personal Development, Executive
579 Right-sizing Your Risk Management and OSHMS Approach: A Guide for SMEs A Safety Management, Technical / Engineering / Standards
573 Risk Assessments - A Semi-Quantitative Control Mitigation Strategy I Risk Assessment
572 Safety Success for Multi-Site Organizations I Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
570 Selection, Use, Care and Maintenance of FR and AR Clothing I Oil & Gas
576 The Eleven Practices that Separate Companies Who Sustain World-Class Safety Performance A Safety Management
581 Would You Watch Out For My Safety? E Training / Education

June 28, 10:30am - 11:45am

613 A Fresh Approach to Risk Assessment I Risk Assessment
618 A Strong Safety Culture - No and Heck No! A Safety Management, Executive
603 ANSI/ASSE A10 Construction Standards - Significant Standards Pending I Construction / Mining
606 Asbestos Management 101 - A Refresher I Environment / Hazardous Material
620 Becoming a Benchmark: A Case Study in Safety Performance Transformation I Executive, Safety Management
604 Construction Safety Discipline - Termination or Rehabilitation? I Construction / Mining
610 Fatality & Catastrophic Event Prevention A Oil & Gas, Risk Assessment
624 Fundamentals of SH&E: Workplace Health B Fundamentals
607 Green Beans & Ice Cream: Why Zero Injuries Is Not Your Goal I Human Behavior
623 How Benchmarking Can Improve Your Organization's Fleet Safety Performance A Transportation
625 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: Using Good Design to Reduce Risk Key Issue Roundtables
617 Leadership for Today's Problems A Safety Management
615 Lone Worker Safety: Behavior-based Self-management Anchored in Personal Values I Safety Management, Human Behavior
609 Making People Safer Globally - 2 Part Session: I International
626 New SILICA Rule from OSHA B, I, A, E Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector, Environment / Hazardous Material, Construction / Mining
614 No Weak Links in Your Supply Chain E Risk Management / Insurance
611 OSHA's Initiative to Protect Temporary Workers A Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
605 Practicing Emergency Preparedness: The Key to a Successful Failure I Emergency Management / Security
608 Respirator Selection - Thinking Beyond the APF (Assigned Protection Factor) I Industrial Hygiene / Health
621 Safety Training Activities for OSHA's Top Ten B Training / Education
602 Selling Safety to the Front Line Employee B Business Skills & Personal Development
622 Techniques & Technologies for Effective EH&S Training I Training / Education
616 The Management Challenges in Swimming Pool Health I Safety Management, Healthcare / Wellness
612 Top Citations in General Industry and Construction B Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
601 Transformational Indicators: Measuring the Contribution of Value A Business Skills & Personal Development
619 Understanding Electricity, Power Tools and Prevention of Electrocution at Work I Technical / Engineering / Standards

June 28, 3:00pm - 4:15pm

642 A Global Approach to Implementing a Fatality & Serious Injury Prevention Program I Risk Assessment
647 A Hitchhikers Guide to Deep Safe E Safety Management
635 Applying ISO 45001 to Manage Your Workplace Ergonomics Program I Ergonomics
648 Beginning the Journey to a Zero Harm Workplace I Safety Management
631 Briefing the Boardroom E Business Skills & Personal Development
632 Can Your Rigging Plan Carry the Load? I Construction / Mining
651 Developing a World Class Electrical Safety Program by Schneider Electric, NFPA70e A Technical / Engineering / Standards
633 Emerging IH Issues in Construction, A Potpourri I Industrial Hygiene / Health, Construction / Mining
636 Fire Protection Failures and Impairments B Fire Protection
649 Getting to Zero - Really!?! A Executive, Safety Management
652 Improve Your Speaking and Presentation Skills, Less is More I Training / Education
639 Issues in International Practice - 2 Part Session: I Healthcare / Wellness, International
654 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: Safe Patient Handling and Behavioral Safety Key Issue Roundtables
634 Laboratory Safety I Environment / Hazardous Material
630 Managing Up Through the Use of Influence and Collaboration I Business Skills & Personal Development
644 On Target Risk Control Programs I Risk Management / Insurance
640 OSHA - Saving Lives One Case at a Time Part 1 B, I, A, E Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
650 Responding to a Fall Protection Emergency I Technical / Engineering / Standards
653 Rock Your EHS Training with ASSE/ANSI Z490 Standard on EHS Training! I Training / Education
646 The Front Lines of Safety Culture Management: Harness the Power of Supervisors E Safety Management
643 The Right Risk Decisions: Key to Effective and Efficient Safety Management I Risk Assessment
637 The Tony Crow Story - Safety 24/7 - At Work, Home & Play - It's Not Just About Me B Human Behavior
641 Understanding the Isocyanate National Emphasis Program to Reduce Exposure B Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
645 Use ISO 31000 to Improve Your Safety Culture I Risk Management / Insurance
638 Why Are We So Obese and Diabetic? The Implications for Ergonomics and Wellness A Industrial Hygiene / Health

June 27, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

538 A New Twist to Providing Transitional Work B Healthcare / Wellness
553 All Hands on Deck: How to Effectively Provide Hands-on Safety Training I Training / Education
531 Business Lesson: Keeping SH&E in the Boardroom E Business Skills & Personal Development
539 Combating Fatigue in 24/7 Operations: Best Practices in FRMS Design I Industrial Hygiene / Health
545 Cyber Risk, It's No Longer Just the IT Department's Concern, It's Our Concern A Risk Management / Insurance
542 Electrical Hazard Identification & Mitigation: Addressing OSHA's Top Ten B Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
534 Fire and Ice - Heat Strain and Cold Stress in the Work Environment A Construction / Mining
548 Human Error: There is NO Root Cause A Safety Management
533 Innovation and Technology to Enhance Construction Safety A Construction / Mining
550 ISO/ANSI/ASSE 45001 Forum - Significant and Future Impact on Safety I Technical / Engineering / Standards, Executive
554 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: Sharing Effective Training Techniques for Your Spanish Speaking Workforce Key Issue Roundtables
540 Lessons Learned From Real Accidents - Achieving Genuine Root Cause Analysis I International
544 Managing the Silver Tsunami, Practical Policies for Your Organization I Risk Management / Insurance
552 New Standards For Aerial Lifts I Technical / Engineering / Standards
555 Operational Excellence: A Safety Diagnostic Event A Risk Assessment
532 Personal Finance Business Skills & Personal Development
536 Plug the Leak or Keep Bailing: Stopping MSD Injuries with PtD I Ergonomics
541 Recent Upstream Oil and Gas Incidents Reported to OSHA B Oil & Gas, Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
543 Revolutionizing Risk Assessments - Oh My, Oh My, Bowties! I Risk Assessment
535 Spill Response: Clean it Up or Call in Hazmat I Environment / Hazardous Material, Emergency Management / Security
530 Supercharge Yourself To Help Leadership Establish Accountability For Safety I Business Skills & Personal Development
547 The Four Core Components of Safety Excellence E Safety Management
537 The Impact & Implications of NFPA 652, NFPA's Newest Combustible Dust Standard I Fire Protection
551 Top 10 Misuses of Fall Protection Equipment and What to Do About Them I Technical / Engineering / Standards
546 Why Safety Tools and Checklists Aren't Enough to Save Lives I Safety Management
549 Working With Your Multicultural Workforce I Safety Management

June 29, 1:45pm - 2:45pm

776 Applying Systems Thinking To Improve Safety I Safety Management
771 ASSE Government Affairs Committee Update B, I, A, E Regulatory Issues / Government / Public Sector
762 Design for Safety A Construction / Mining
763 ENVCIS: Elements of Environmental Information Affecting Business Confidentiality I Environment / Hazardous Material
774 Fit for Duty: More Than Peeing in a Cup A Safety Management
781 Fundamentals of SH&E: Basic Safety Management Fundamentals
767 Hardwired Inhibitions - Hidden Forces that Keep Us from Speaking Up A Human Behavior
775 How Mobile & Cloud Technologies Enable Access to Safety Records at the Worksite I Safety Management
782 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: Your Best Practices for Overcoming Language Differences in the Workplace Key Issue Roundtables
772 Last Minute Risk Assessment - The Last Line of Defense I Risk Assessment
768 Noise Control Engineering Strategies B Industrial Hygiene / Health
777 OSHA's Enforcement and Significant Changes in 2015 NFPA 70E I Technical / Engineering / Standards
760 Persuasion Power - How to Get It, Use It and Keep It A Business Skills & Personal Development, Executive
778 Practical Solutions to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls in Hotels and Restaurants B Technical / Engineering / Standards
769 Remember the Ladies Gender Equity for OSH Programs B International
761 Show Me the Money! Demonstrating the ROI in Programs, Projects and People I Business Skills & Personal Development
765 Test Your Knowledge of the ITM Requirements for Fire Protection Features I Fire Protection
779 U.S. Capitol Dome Restoration - What are We Doing and How are We Staying Safe? I Technical / Engineering / Standards
780 Use Innovation to Help Employees Remember Training A Training / Education
770 Vibration Exposure & Control... A Case Study with Practical Assessment A Oil & Gas
766 Wellness, an Essential Component of SH&E Incident Prevention I Executive, Healthcare / Wellness
773 Work Comp 101 for Supervisors & Managers - Key Claim Practices for Management I Risk Management / Insurance
764 Work Postural Risk Analyses & Prevention I Ergonomics

June 27, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

595 Arc Flash PPE - What's Really Behind Arc Ratings I Technical / Engineering / Standards
596 Be Aware Out There - Hazard Recognition B Training / Education
587 Construction Rescue: OSHA's Expectations for Confined Spaces & Fall Protection A Construction / Mining
593 Employee Engagement Via Safety Committees A Safety Management
597 Fundamentals of SH&E: Fire Protection Fundamentals
586 How to Keep Dollars from Trumping Safety I Business Skills & Personal Development
598 Key Issue Roundtable Discussion: Sharing and Leveraging Our Collective Knowledge on Best Practices and Technical Topics in Oil and Gas Key Issue Roundtables
591 Operational Risk & Regulatory Change Management A Risk Management / Insurance
594 Practical Applications of GHS: Documenting Compliance I Technical / Engineering / Standards
589 Real-time Monitoring Advances and Trends for the HS&E Professional I Industrial Hygiene / Health
590 Requirements and Risk Analysis for Health and Safety Managers and Professionals B Risk Assessment
588 The Real Root Cause - How a Global Company Is Reducing Risk One Person at a Time A Human Behavior
592 Transforming Your Risk Management Programs into Best of Class with a Little Help A Risk Management / Insurance

June 28, 9:30am - 10:15am

PDC01 How to Prepare a Proposal to Speak at the PDC


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